Ever since my cpu meltdowns last month, I’ve pretty much stayed offline. Sure, I still attempt to check my google reader everyday, but unless I see something really compelling, I don’t bother to click through. The bulk of my OL activity consists of checking my gmail, and watching StarCraft commentaries of Zerg players (Go Jaedong!).

It’s been refreshing.

I’ve been at an “End of Days” kinda state, what with me preparing to move on from my life as a San Diegan, a student, and a boyfriend. Everything is urgent, but for once in a long time, I’m not stressed about that shit. And since I’m spending less time staring at a screen, my mind is free to actually think about all this stuff.


I miss people. Going back homehome for Christmas made this fact all too apparent. I’ve been spending so much time looking at the world through a 15″ window that I lost track of the 24/7/365 lifestyle.

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I'm currently working on everything. INcluding this blog. For the past few hours, I've been keeping some of my typos. In what I write that is.

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