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Augmented Reality Flash Mob

This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see it!

AR Flashmob

While the Android platform really helped QR Codes gain traction in the US recently, European & Asian markets have completely integrated them into their media cultures.



Filiality is a Bitch

My two most recent statuses:{{1}}[[1]]Sorry, I’m not cool enough to twitter it yet.[[1]]

ugh. family drama sapping my creative energy dry. And now I gotta go to work soon. I was on such a roll too.


Aww… they just hugged and made up. My heart of bitterness flows away with the tears of happiness.

And WHAT are the words that come to my head?

“Kill yo’self.”

THANKS AGAIN SHANNON. That phrase… I hate to love it! Or love to hate it, perhaps?

One thing’s for sure though.

I love my family, 義理 giri be damned. =D


Just got offa my first graveyard shift. Whew!

I was supposed to be off this Monday evening, but…

…they called me as soon as I got home to say…

“No, you ARE working today! Cya @ 11:30!”

There goes my night! Sigh. April Twentieth twenty ten. Kinda makes me feel like this guy:

Thanks Damon.

Kiefer Sutherland smoking.

Should I stay up and JACK BAUER or sleep like NORMAL PERSON? If only there was a way to do both…