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Google Reader Send To Feature: Diigo






Another tip for the bookmarking sites: You can add “&tags=XXX” to the URL to automatically enter in some tags on the posting page. Just replace XXX with whatever tags you want. Diigo separates by comma, Delicious by space (you might have to put “%20″ instead of a space, I’m not sure).

If your favorite bookmarking site isn’t here, rolling your own for your favorite site is easy. Just check out the API & bookmarklet for your site, and refer to the above examples as a reference. I’ve never worked with an API before, but figured out diigo’s in a few minutes.

Google on Google Chrome – comic book

So google finally announced their browser. You really gotta check this out; I’m sure it’ll be revolutionary in some aspect (open source, memory management, other architecture, etc.).

But what’s really of interest— to the artist in me at least—the geek in me is afk, shitting himself over the wonderful possibilities as well as the horrible implications for internet monopoly—is Scott McCloud’s beautiful & super informative comicbook describing what Chrome is & how it functions. McCloud captures the images of various coders and designers, and use them to explain Chrome’s features to users and dispense tech-talk to the developers. And man… If you’ve read McCloud’s other books, you know that McCloud has a wonderful grasp on the medium of comics, and can explain just about anything through a few, lines & a word bubble.

The part below perfectly illustrated what I perceive to be one of the most frequented and most frustrating part of a browser: the URL bar.



In the new version of firefox, the “awesome bar” tries to give suggestions when you type into the box. But a lot of the times, these results just end up cluttering the short box and makes things even more difficult. In fact, while creating this post, I typed “hagure” into the URL bar and instead of taking me to hagure-metaru.net, I got a link for http://hagure-metaru.net/wordpress/wp-admin/press-this.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fblogoscoped.com%2Fgoogle-chrome%2F&t=Google%20on%20Google%20Chrome%20-%20comic%20book&s=&v=2

That is not helpful at all. I look at the first part of the URL, then my eyes glaze over at the trailing gobbledygook, and I feel like the programmer in the last panel. Here’s hopin’ Google comes through.


Here’s to the Google Monopoly… a reluctant cheer. May you guard my (and the rest of the world’s) data/life with wisdom, courage and justice.

Once Again!

So here I am @ Fernando’s again. Why do I always blog from here? Cuz it has internet, its not far/UCSD, and yes, its a chill place to be.
Yesterday they had a pretty nice “Gin & Juice” party. Everyone was all thugged out; some of the ladies chose the hootchie look tho. I came over with Mel a little bit after it started, and there were already hella people here. You had Jen, Turrel, Eric, & the rest of the bowling krew, Colleen (it was her b-day bash!), Melissa & her brother (con amigo), and a whole bunch of other frat peoples, friends of friends, etc. Anyway, me n Mel left the party real quick to pick up some veges. When we came back though, we had poes everywhere breakin’ the party up, cuffin’ Ron up and yellin’ @ everyone to go home. The cops were all hollerin at Justine to leave, so we went to my car to figure out what to do.

While we’re layin low, we see Ron get hauled off to Detox followed by a big ass train of cars gettin’ the fuck outta there.

What a great partay.


I now live with Tidiane Diallo, Susie Parras, Melanie Natividad & Arash Haile (& Ken Kiweuroiawuerjdsom). It was crazy cuz before Bridge, Mel approached me and asked if I wanted to live with her, Susie, May and Monett. But Things Fall Apart and Susie and Mel were off on their own. So during Bridge, we’re all looking for a 3 roomer, but Tidiane comes up to us, sayin’ we should combine forces. And BLAAOWW!!! The Mennonites are born!
Arash gots a small room upstairs, and his studio downstairs. He hasn’t finished setting it up yet, but I was chillin’ with em the other day just listening to him practice his spin. My man Maurice from Capricorn was sayin that once its done, we’re gonna be Arash’s proteges’, mixin and makin beats all day! Its gonna be crazy, livin and learnin with my intern pops, something I’ve always been wanting to do.
Tidiane also got the other small room upstairs, but he’s eyein Ken’s room downstairs to turn it into a chill lounge/gallery kinda deal.
Susie got the other room upstairs, with double door access to the front patio (and mirrored closet doors!).
Mel’s got the bonus room, and so far its pretty much the most set up outta all of em. She’s also got access to the front patio.