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Legacy of J5’s Shower

CDNow: 50 Cent’s (Forgot what its called)

* Broken Shower

So I’m in the shower doing my thing… I slip up and am about to fall right? So I try to balance myself on the wall… but lo and behold the wall doesn’t agree with this decision and decides to CAVE IN. So now… Marshall Uppers Apt. J-5 has a hole in the wall in the shower. Big ass hole too… bout 6-8 tiles.


* Cat Section Crazy

So one day (I think 2 Thursdays ago…) Cat section isn’t at SSB (which is like a minute’s walk from here), but somewhere in 6th college (which is like 5 minutes drive from here). So me and Justin go roll up right, bout 10 minutes late. After like an Easter egg hunt tryin to find the place, we arrive. First thing we hear is the TA going, “You should put your listening ears on!” First thing we see is some crazy shit. Ppl cuttin paper and looking through pieces of plastic. They look through the plastic at some cup and try to analyze this. On the directions, there’s some shit like: “What does the cup look like? What is different?” (It looks like a cup and nothing is different…) But yeah. Since me and Justin are late, we don’t have time to cut out the paper to make the “viewing pane” or whatever that plastic thing was. The teachers just give us a pre-made one…

Just a reminder… what I’m talking about is CRAZY… but you probly had to be there…

Oh yeah… and J’s blazed as fuck so of course it’s weird to him.

ANYway, so we fly through all the things we’re supposed to do (like 5 of them), while everyone else is still on like the 1st one. WTF… its just looking at a cup through a piece of plastic, how stupid can you get? But yeah… it was just weird as fuck…
Oh. And at the end, I get my quiz back. Me and Justin both got: 3.8 out of 5 & 3/4. WTF kinda grade is THAT?

* Necklace/Poster/Skirt

Me and Adry went to the vendor fair @ library walk a few weeks ago. It was really nice and everything… lots of good stuff. Adry got me this tight ass necklace… its cool cuz whenever I’m not with her it reminds me of her…
But yeah. I also got a Radiohead OK Computer poster… good stuff. Adry also got some rings for herself (actually, she tried to get me one, but it wouldn’t fit!) And I also got her a real cool skirt-like drape thing whatever, and a Nightmare Before Christmas poster. Hopefully she likes em both!

* Essay Sucked

So yeah the Cat Essay SUCKED. Stayed up till 7 AM doing it… I had very hateful away messages and all that. Um… yeah it sucked. I don’t wanna think about it right now.

…Oh yeah. We turned it in during class, and later that day at section (which I didn’t go to but heard about it) they gave it right back to us and said to peer edit it (which I already did like 3 times). STUPID

* Adry likes CREED??? 3 DOORS DOWN???

Yeah. That pretty much explains it. How can you like that Krytonite song? WTF. Nickelback too probly. BLAH BLAH BLAH! fucking ey no sense of taste in music! hahaha

So yeah… this weekend was pretty FOGGY. Derrick and Manny came over and chilled. Hella fun! Hella food! Hella uncertainty! Hella tired! Hella fun!
Hella… hella! And wtf is Bookoo? Yoked? Wha…???

Oh yeah… earlier we also went with Kaia, AJ, Tomas, Jose, Tiff, Fernando, John, Angelica, etc. to some Drag Queen thing. Me n Adry saw only a lil’ bit though… although there was this one completely naked guy in the theater lounge… uh… yeah. Then we went to the ATM and lost Jose. Then we went to the moov’s but lost the bus so we didn’t go. Then we went to AJ’s and chilled for 10. Then we came here and me, Kaia, Tiff, Adry & Mel partook in some activities. Then Derrick and them came back.

Hella non-chronological order!

Haha hella fun!

And Adry… the love is always there, forever waiting.

…forever mushy!

Aren’t the pix and other stuff cool? It’s becoming more like a regular website… well not really but kinda. And use the damned board! Yeah you! Tuan goddamnit!

OMG More CD’s!

CDNow: Debut – Björk

Let’s see…

New Year’s Eve I went to Rasputin’s and bought more cds. I think it was $80 worth or something.

Deltron 3030 – Deltron 3030
Only cd i didn’t buy used. Been wanting this for awhile, and its alright. Not OMG SUPER GREAT, but worth it. It features Del the Funky Homosapien, aka the guy that raps on that old Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood”. Now I wanna get the instrumentals…

Pablo Honey – Radiohead
Not bad… not like “normal” Radiohead, this actually sounds like your typical english band… ex. Oasis, Coldplay, etc. Hella acoustic. But of course, it’s still good. It features Creep btw, which the girl at the checkout counter reminded me about… twice.

The Final Cut – Pink Floyd
Um… It’s hella Wall-y. Yeah… that’s about it. I got it mainly just cuz its PF, not cuz I really wanted it or anything.

Mama’s Gun – Erykah Because I Do
I needed an R&B cd hella badly and I’ve been listening to too much Bag Lady. So yeah. This is good. But the track listing is different than what’s on the cd. There were some songs cut out or something at the last minute. Oh well, still hella good.

INCredible™ Sound of Drum’n’Bass – Goldie
Jesse reccomended it to me, timej0b reinforced it, so I got it. Plus, I can’t resist a double cd for 11 bucks. But… I dunno about this yet. I only listened to it once but… dnb has gotta be listened to hella loud. So we’ll see when I get back to sd.

Later that day I went to my friend Dan’s place for NYEve. Some HS ppl there. The kind that you talk to and laugh with during class, but don’t really wanna associate with outside of that were there. Dan went off with his gf and left me with a whole bunch of non-drinking boring ppl (j/k ahahahahah lololol). It was cool though, really!
Anyway, later that night Jason came in drunk off his ass holding a quarter-full huge ass bottle of whisky. Good times.

New Year’s Day, I stayed in my bed cuz I was tired as hell.


Went with Tuan Pham to another Rasputin’s so I could get more cd’s. I really should just dl this shit.

Debut – Björk
Damn this cd is tight. Bjork is cool yay. If I had the $, I woulda bought more. Go buy gogogogogogo!

Little Earthquakes – Tori Amos
This cd is good too, but is way overshadowed. Aww… too bad. It’s good though really! Especially if you’re a girl apparently… (!)

Godzilla – THE ALBUM!!!1111111
Yeah okay wtf. It was only 1.95 ok? I always see this cd there everytime I go there in the cheap rack (normally 3.95) and I always think… “Hmm… it has some good songs exclusive to that cd hmm…” but then I always get smart and go naw fuck that imma just listen to them on my comp. But this time it was 1.95 so I was like… well ok I only got 2 cds this time.
ANYway, this cd sucks. haha yeah I knew it would so its ok. Its like the time I bought the puff daddy single for P.E. 2000. BUT, this cd has No Shelter by Rage (really good), Come With Me by uh… Puff Daddy (I like the instrumental lol ahahaha omg Kasmir) Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai (not bad, but not their style, like most of the bands’ songs on the cd) as well as some whatever other stuff, most notably Hero by Wallflowers. Whatever. At least now I can finally go in used cd places and not worry about whether to buy this or not now.

Yeah. That sums it up for cds. Tuan got Dances With Wolves or whatever its called on VHS. He’s weird and he is infatuated with Native Americans or something according to him. He’s weird.

Oh yeah, welcome to a new section of my blog:

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop!

So yeah this is dedicated to a certain xxxw0rth that I know. For today’s section, here is his Tiering of Marvel vs. Cap— I mean Jamiroquai songs.

Well… he’s taking hella longer than I thought he would so lemme explain what I mean by tiering (like you were stupid or something but you aren’t so humor me).

NOTE: don’t read this it’s stupid.
Our concept of Tiering comes from fighting games where certain characters are better than others. But we can’t really go ok in this game with 56 characters, #1 is, #2 is, etc etc. So we group them into tiers. 1st tier give and take between each other, but kill everyone below them (for the most part). This pattern keeps going down. BUT there are exceptions. Sometimes a character from a lower tier can totally kick one of the top tier guy’s ass (ex. Guile assist vs. Sent in mvc2). BUT that lower character gets their ass kicked by everyone else above them so its really no big deal, just something to take to take into consideration.

He’s done. And here we go

1st TIER:
alright, blow your mind

space cowboy (short version), too young to die, manifest destiny, use the force, everyday, do you know where youre coming from, canned heat, lil L, cosmic girl, high times, music of the mind, where do we go from here, stillness in time

black capricorn day, butterfly, deeper underground, didjital vibrations, dont stop the feeling, drifting along, falling, if i like it, i do it, journey to arnhemland, just another story, light years, love foolosophy, morning glory, picture of my life, planet home, scam, sunny, supersonic, traveling without moving, virtual insanity, when you gonna learn (both versions), space cowboy (long version), you are my love, you give me something, soul education

“this corner of the earth” is untiered cuz he doesn’t have it.

So yeah. That’s xxxw0rth’s tiering of Jamiroquai songs.

Cya guys next time one of you tell me to update!