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Clothes. Me & clothes are on good terms. Though Clothes acknowledges that I’d rather do without ‘em, we’ve come to the mutual understanding that when we find the right vibe and achieve “Double Wave-Length”, we can really bring the best out from each other and become quite the pair.

But I don’t kick it with all the clothes. I guess I kinda discriminate.
Discrimination = bad.

So I guess I could never do what homegirl does and post up the latest trends & fashions. Not my niche.

But I do like T-shirts!

I LOVE T-shirts!

After all, it’s the only thing I wear on my torso (I can count how many times I wear a jacket a year on two hands, possibly one).

Here are a bunch of T-Shirt blogs, a niche that’s exploded since Preshrunk started (I wanna say this is the first, at least it’s the first I’ve noticed)


I’m “With It” too! I’m fab.

Do not ingest.

Do not ingest.

…Actually, I’m nooooot. But my Big Boo Animated is… when she wants to be. Ammy can dress with the best of ‘em and her Rainbow Robot T rivals some of my favorite Uniqlo prints. (I wish I was in Japan for the Grand Prix…)

On another note… Maybe if I get this for her she’ll stop asking me to drive 300+ miles to get her sleepyhead some icecream. Usually between the hours of 12am~4am. Who am I kidding. That’s a 24/7 kinda request. Haha… it’s all love!


PS: I saw on VH1 (the realicrap station) the other day: “If it weren’t for fashion, I’d be dead. Thought that was kinda dramatic… but I’m sure its true. Fool looked like a fuck-up.