First Spring Break

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Spring Break +’s & -‘s…So yeah… Spring Break was pretty chill. The 1st friday, I just chilled with Adry: we went to the mall I bought Metroid Prime, we came home. I played Prime for a bit, then I got drunk offa SoCo and beer & passed the fuck out.

Next day I went with Adry and her sis to her friend’s b-day party. It was weird seeing how everyone was mexican down there… then Adry goes home, and I do the chill/pack thing.

Mon comes, I fly off back home. There, I just relaxed… bought HELLA clothes (FINALLY!!!) and then played Metroid Prime (beat it for my 1st time yesterday…err…2 days ago now). The 3 mixes I burned earlier were tight too, cuz they hella helped me get busy (especially blasting the music in the explorer!).

It was nice being around family too (my auntie Alexzine and cousins Robert Shelby (haven’t seen in like 6 years!) and Robert (no Red tho, & course no Skinny R.I.P.)). A shame I couldn’t hook up with Tuan or any of the Posse.

ANYway, so I came back by plane (missed my flight by an hour), shuttle then walkin’, chilled, then went to Kaia’s. We chilled together for a nice while; we ate, walked around, browsed, etc. A sis/bro kinda outing or something hahaha… but it was tight, we gotta do it again…

Next till Now… I’ve been unpacking and cleaning. It’s been long but hella fun (you KNOW why) and also talking with Adry and Drunk Friendsâ„¢. Now typing BLOG… over.

Damn… that shit was long & edited… while playing ninTENdo no less!

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