FRIENDS. How many of us have them?

Boom, Boom, Boom. ready for action…

Before I start, I just wanna say that Jason isn’t as crazy as I thought. Today the Futurama where Leela gets laid by Zapp Brannigan played. It in he says, “So… crawling back to the big Z like a bird on its belly!” Hahaha Jason, the joke was on us. You sly lad you!

So I have a little issue with friendships which stems from waaaay back in the day. As a wee lad, I had a super best friend. You know, one of those people that you totally click with, are totally in sync with, and stay up all night doing nothing, all the while having the time of your life. Good times.

Anyway, one week I got sick for a week and took off from school. When I came back, things changed and for some reason we stopped being such close friends. Looking back, I guess you could call it “growing apart”, but at the time, it just came outta nowhere. One week best friends, next week avoidance. Anyway, this was pretty crazy for me. Took another day or two off to cope.

So I went back to school, and after doing the whole “walk around while eating lunch so you look busy and not like a loner” for awhile, I nudged myself into a group of people who ate lunch by the library. So now I had people to eat lunch with, but I never considered myself to be their friends or anything, mainly cuz all they ever talked about was what happened on RAW or HEAT or whatever wrestling thing came on the night before (yeah I never was into watching the drama of men in tights fake beating each other up). So I still didn’t really have any good friends. That went on for about a trimester or 2.

Year after that tho, I got into the groove of things, and the beginnings of the FHP were born (Subw00fer & Doctor Claw UNITE!). Oh wait, this was acutally the start of Super Smash Brothers J.E.T.T. (Jason, Efrin, Terry Todd & Mark). Although Efrin didn’t play, he was cooler, and JMTT doesn’t have as nice a ring to it. Anyway, my Smash Brothers days is another story altogether.

Thing is, that whole incident only reinforced my previous insecurities that every kid has. I was left a kid who had a “fear of commitment” of sorts, the whole “not wanting to get hurt again” thing. So it became hard for me to make friends (and you people reading this know how “interesting” of a person I am…), resulting in stunted social development throughout highschool.

BUT, luckily I found the FHP and all my problems were solved! I had some cool friends, a Posse even! Yay! Noone was to mess with us. We were unbelievably smart, unbelievably lazy and unbelievably rudies (cept for that whole magnet-skating thing, and although we did tag up stuff, more often than not I did it with apple peels that I would deem “Nick Jr.’s Face”…yeeeeah…)! Anyway, now I could worry about more important things like girls and kisses and dances and all that normal HS stuff.

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