Summer Bridge

So it turns out that I was reading that last post… and was like… naw I don’t wanna talk about that. That’s why I haven’t been posting for awhile. Well that and all the bridge stuff I’ve been doing recently. Right now, I’m staying at the man Fernando’s pad (with mates Maurice, Ron, Kris Tan and Bill). Damn am I jealous. Well, it pretty much looks like Jason Tjalsma’s house (or any other 70’s looking house), except that there’s 3 rooms in the downstairs hallway, and upstairs there’s a big ass living room. Super comfy and it don’t look too ghetto, even if its only a few blocks away. Congrats.

So anyway the SB o4 process has begun; I am now officially a Academic Transition Counselor. How does it feel? ehhhhh… I’m not too excited about it. Once this saturday rolls round tho and I see my kids I’m sure that’ll all change.

I came back to SD last tuesday, stayed the night at Adry’s and went off to the Julian retreat the next day. As usual, it was intense/long/sleepless/crazy, an overall good experience. Since then, I’ve been staying at Fernie’s and been having some good times there. 1st night was 2 40’s, and the rest is history. We kicked it on saturday with the SoCo, Jager and Cap. Mo. And last night was an Adult Swim Comedy block. NOW THAT I’VE SEEN THAT SHIT ON TV, THAT IS THE SHIZNITE!!! haha, but I got all those fools hooked on Birdman, Brak & Sealab. More followers to the TV cult that is adult swim.

Anyway, I’m bored and the keyboard at M.O.M. sucks so imma head out. Pa-icky.

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