BoingBoing and the LOLCAT FEVER that has infected the net.

BoingBoing and the LOLCAT FEVER that has infected the net.


Is it just me or is there a lot of LOLCAT noise at boingboing recently. Yes, I did blog about it. No, I will not talk about LOLCAT club.

I cannot turn anywhere without seeing this madness.

But I will not give in.

Anyways, Ratatat – Wildcat

I listened to a lot of synth and guitar from this du-du-du-duo in March and April. Its actually a trio (Guitar, Bass, Synth/Drums (if you can really call a single snare and cymbal “drums”), but that’s beside the point. Me and Shannon instinctively growl and claw at the air everytime we hear the big cat in the distance… It’s really a silly sight to see. And you gotta love it when they break it down around 1:57. When we saw them in concert last month at Porter’s Pub, we were also joined by a few of the hipster kids who’ve been listening to the duo for “Seventeen Years”.
Get funky friends, get funky.

PS: No, my last post wasn’t a spam message. And no, I do not plan to use it. Its just interesting. Much like the iPhone and this Multi-touch computer from Jeff Han.

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