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This guy is an idiot

Like Puff says, “What cha’ll want me to do? I’m sorry.”

I just had to link this one. This guy is fuckin’ hilarious. His ego is like a hundred billion zillion, and it can’t/won’t/don’t stop. As much as I dislike his music, shows, grave digging, etc., he makes me laugh.

Fuckin’ froot loops (I always thought they were frUIt loops. I don’t eat a lotta cereal)… THIS GUY.

PS: I see he still “dances” the same. Can’t noone say “I can’t dance” no more after seein’ this fool.

Tyrannosaurus ‘Monk

So Shannon is officially one of Miss Behave’s “America’s Next Top Bloggers”.

Congratulation! A Winner Is You! As a present, I present you (eh??? like that!? yeah!?) with the best moment of “America’s Next Top Model”: The Ridiculectomy.

Note: It helps to 1/2 the volume of the ‘zilla, while keeping the ‘monk at 100%. For a Side-to-Side view, plug them into the doubler.

YouTube Doubler

[via BB]