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Do you know me?

because if you do, then you definately know that I have a limited vocabulary at times. I dunno, somehow the eloquence that I can sometimes acheive during my writings have been denied their verbal form.

“Anyway,” “definately”, “yeah yeah”, and my catch-all response, “That’s crazy.”.

Which leads me to my next point (as well as to my next post, and the next, and the next).
Anyways, forgive me once again.
I guess you could say I’ve beenliving my life “one day at a time”.

I think only a few people have the above excuse.

Those who are fuckin’ down & out. Those who lived before us, back when you had to use your own 2 feet to get around. Those who have no quarter, no roof, no property. The persecuted innocent.

I’m just a quote-un-quote military brat (not really)

Then there are those who have just turned 21…

Anyway, I have ideas for the new layout.

Grayscale Clouds Round Simple Kanji OKAY YEAH!
These words describe it, yes they do.

Once again, you can thank this Shocking New Development in Terry’s life to Clockw0rk.

Or more specifically, my good friends procrastination and the bowlings.

My new mantra: “Get your act together.”

So… on a more popular note,

Who’s keeping up with Bleach, Naruto and Samurai Champloo?

I’m up-to-date when it comes to Naruto. I’m liking where the manga and the anime are going. Though the anime’s filler sidequest was kinda stupid, I didn’t trip cuz I had other shit to worry about.

(I feel sorry for those Naruto addicts (and believe me, Naruto is a drug) who have nothing else to endulge themselves into. Luckily, I also am into Bleach. I’m around ep. 4 on the anime (I totally think Chad fucking kicks everyone’s ass. I’m curious as to his depiction the the intro though… he looks hella hollow…….. I’m also catching up on the Manga (somewhere in Vol. 4). I’m likin’ it. It’s about a dude who’s in touch with the spiritual world and is helluva tough. One day, he receives the power of Death (skeleton+black robe entity). Interesting.

Anyway, I’m getting tired and I have hella work to do.

Jah matta.

P.S. I need to connect with people. Today Kaia introduced me to Alicia White, and we 3 talked about the state of things. Anyway, the return is complete, and the away message is gone. I announce my return to AIM to noone in particular, cy’all there. Oh. And I guess there won’t be riots in the streets. Americans don’t give a fuck anymore and will not rise up against an unfit king. You know ‘the fuck I’m talkin bout.

P.P.S. Where the fuck’s Gaara?