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Visual Arts 1

So I’m up here in Vis one listening to this boring ass dude talk. He’s just hella rambling about inconsequential stuff so he might as well just be saying “WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!!!” over and over again.

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend… on Friday, me Mel and Tidiane went to the Sigma Nu toga party over at Justine’s house. It took us soooooo long to figure out how to put the togas on (and still look good) and since we didn’t have pins or anything, they would keep falling off. After a few hours, we got Arash to pose and take pictures of us, and we were on our way.
Tidiane, Calvin & Johnny made it there first and got inside. After I parked, me and Mel went out only to see the cops going inside.

After about 20 minutes of “shhhhhh”ing and “shut the fuck up!”s, the po’s finally left the building, along with half of the party (the place was PACKED, so there were still a good amount of people left). We went in to find confused people without alky (and therefore w/o a reason to stay), as well as a passed out friend/dragon. After waking sleeping beauty, we went back home… an interesting Friday evening.

Summer Bridge Pictures Inside



I know the site looks like shit now. I’m in the process of more redesign. Expect to see a real site up now. One with sections, subsites, etc. etc.

But don’t despair! I now have interenet @ home so I’ll be able to put shit into gear.

by the by, I’m going back home to Vacaville this weekend, Sunday morning specifically.

I’ll see ya there.

P.P.S.: I fucking hate code…

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SongNow: N*E*R*D – Baby Doll

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop! AGAIN…

Yeah Yeah… Next up is…Here.

Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): also i didnt have any space to take pictures of/with random girlrs walking around
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): SKOOLGURLS
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): but 101 & 102 look like jetset stuff huh
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): haha
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): kogaal
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): tough toenails
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): yushiro
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): yea thats
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): shibuya
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): shibuya cho
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): wait is it
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): lemem check
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): oh
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): thats not shibuya
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): heh
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): those ones are in kitakurihama
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): where i was staying at
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): ah
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): oh

There’s more… but its just as ridiculously boring… Kamakura, etc.