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I really hate this junk. Especially here in the good ol’ U.S.A…

Tacos Today

JohnBeltran – Dia Brioso
What a Friday! Just had 1 class (nihongo section) and a few 1/1’s. It was nice seein’ ya David, Aaron and Jaime. It’s cool to see you all doin’ good and still havin’ fun.
(Same with the rest of you all!) After my last 1/1, Mel brought up TJ. And since it was only 3, we could beat traffic!

So off we went.

9 adovada tacos each, a horchata and a beer later, we went up to the English speaking dude at Taco Bell and ordered 18 more (hey, its better than the 30 we got last time!).

Damn dude those things are sooooooo good. PLEASE, if you live in San Diego, or visit or whatever, go to TJ and get some tacos. Carne Asada’s always good, but its a consensus between the Mennonites that adovada can’t be beat. And if you can’t make it across the border for whatever reason, go down south to Chula or Southside or whatever and hit up Tacos El Gordo, which is TJ tacos @ US prices (1 for a buck vs. 3 for a $1! = KO! GGPO.)

After that mission, got back, and I wasted time. Mel said Patti was havin’ a get-together and was gonna roll, but she fell asleep.

So I did too (so I guess the “wow… sleeping early for a change” awymsg was still valid.

But of course Mel wakes up @ 1, calls me on the fone, and asks if I still wanna go.

An offer I couldn’t refuse.

So I went, met the Co-Op Crew, saw Tiff, Jose, Salo & Angelica, Patti (of course), Eric (con mujeres), Angelo, and who am I forgetting…

I just chilled on the balcony with the Co-Op & Tiff; Dana gave some interesting sermons bout ucsd politics and the co-ops. I could tell he was passionate about his shit; speaking with force and conviction about the urge to punch VC Watson in the stomach.

Tiff was cool as always: I really felt like you were tryin’ to get to know me better, thanks for askin me how I’ve been. I know I wasn’t too responsive, but someday, we’ll sit down and talk, like that time in….TJ

… the connections are uncanny!

UCSD is not a real college campus.

Gorillaz – 911
NOTE: this is a super rant. I just typed what came to mind, no editing. Don’t worry, it doesn’tmake sense so you’re ok.


Sorry for the last post, I was feeling way too desparate and isolated at the moment.

I got a couple a ppl pissed for that one haha.


I’m busy as always. That’s what I always say when ppl say “how are you doing?”. I also like to say I’m xxx, just like everyone else”. Cuz I know that I’m not alone in all the shit that I feel. That alone is a comforting fact for those in dire situations, so it feels good to say.


its the end of the quarter. 9th week is coming up. I have hella papers and all that shit due on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/etc. Write now what’s stressin me is this Music 15 paper imma hafta write tommorow. I am NOT looking foward to it.

It was tight, but I got too faded too early. Factors: 6 hours of sleep for 3 days + 7 shots in 30 minutes + 2 maybe 3 meals for 3 days = fucked up before busta. I barely got to see clipse. It was funny, cuz I was sittin on a table all fucked up in/out of conscienceness, mumbling clipse lyrics to myself to keep awake. Fucking used up so much concentration power to stay awake during their set. I was rewarded with the church bells of “Virginia” live. I was happy that I saw clipse, so afterwards I stumbled to the portapottys with the help of Adry and did what I had to do. I then stumbled over to Chaka’s (thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!) and passed the fuck out there. I felt fine by late night, but by then everyone else was passedout/drunk. Ah well.

Earlier that day, I had my one on one interview for the Academic Transition Program Counselor position, aka Summer Bridge ATC. Went like all my other interviews with Auggy & Libs… easy, chillax mode. Then again this morning (hahaha) afternoon I had a group interview with all sb02 ppl (cept Jorge Ramirez, a 3rd year). It made you think. Then I had the ATP 03 Pot luck over at augustine’s house. Good times, sad times. Liberty is my hero and will be super successful no matter where she is. She has an aura of pride, power, strength, sublety, understanding, experience, wisdom, etc. etc. A strong pinay with flowing black hair, Liberty affects the lives of countless people, giving them insight, stability, and self-awareness. She’s hella top-tier ppl.

Well, the only reason I blogged is cuz I saw that Andy Kaufman is blogging now. You know, the dead comedian that Jim Carrey played as? Yeah, well apparently his death was just a prank. Duh! Just google that shit cuz I’m too lazy to post the link. Oh and the other reason is that I’ve been wanting to for hella long but I never have the time. Now that I’m procrastinating at the last minute though, EVERYTHING ELSE IS OF SUPER HIGH PRIORITY. You college kids know how it is.

Well, imma go again, sorry for the inconherence. This post is mostly for an internal audience, not for you lovely people who follow the link on my sub-profile.

Oh yeah, I’m still looking for friends… I hafta reunite with my fellow bridgers for reals though.

Oh. Now that practicum is gonna end, I hafta talk to a few people. I’ll just list them here, because I do.


I know none of these people probly gonna see here, so hahaha oh well. I just need to talk to those people because they are similar or important to me. Not to say that any of you other peeps aren’t either, but that’s just who I made a mental note of specific things that were brought up during practicum that blah blah blah blah blah I’m hella ranting and not making any sense. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t blog enough, but have way too much to blog about. blah blah blah sorry

Oh btw, that dude who got his head chopped off? that’s fake. its not real. the us is fucking playing games tryin to trick ppls. Only this time they got caught. Pretty sloppy job if you ask me… there are lists of things that are wrong with the video of the beheading. its a long and very peculiar list. if this video isn’t a fake, then well, i guess the editor sucks (hahaha).


i’m out forreals