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I really hate this junk. Especially here in the good ol’ U.S.A…

Fox News vs. Blogosphere

Saw this today on the TheirTube:

Fox says Blogs are Biased. Of all the...

Its no “news” that Fox doesn’t like blogs but c’mon… This is ridiculous!

For the most part, blogging is an INDIVIDUAL effort. As such, it goes without saying that there will be some “bias”, or an individual’s point of view. Fox News on the other hand, is an organization, whose creed is “Fair & Balanced”.

Funny, ain’t it? Well not really.

I gotta admit though, its not like their rival, CNN is any better. EVERYONE (you, me, them, bush, world) knows that Fox is biased, and despite their slogan, they aren’t afraid to show their true colors. CNN on the other hand, is still trying to be the “neutral” party. Yeah right.

Suck it, news conglomerates. Hurry up and die (I wish), or at least get with the millenium and evolve (inevitable).

My mind’s current state.

Lemme start again. Content is king right? Well… I don’t feel like making “real” worthwhile, blogosphere posts right now… that requires effort and time… something that I lack a balance in.
I do love psycho babble though… I have so many thoughts… so many things hurling against each other in my mind.

Here’s one in the now… the present.
Maybe I’ll speak of the past later, and I’ll definately keep in touch with the future.

Come to think of it. The X-Men… so naive. The physical perhaps was emphasized too much (well, that shit is cool. cmon… wolverine is fuckin dope! Juggernaut? Crazy!). It is with Prof X and that Techno shit where reality lay.

Take into consideration Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell, Bush’s recent privacy debacle (oh he’s gonna fall… the puppet will fall in place of the people holding the strings, that’s SOOOOO obvious… more on that later I suppose…), Google, Sattelites, the fall of The Empire… so many things…

oh yeah. Can’t forget the mind altering substances either.
people take it in at their own pace when at the computer. In real life, There is no mediator, there is no time to think?

@ ucsd, in the whole of society, you see people pass each other by without saying a word. You can pass by 100’s of personages, bodies, and not say one word. Then you go home to my space, to AIM, to whatever, and chat your head off.
If the internet becoming more “personable” than the “real” world?
This… human techonology… how does this define ppl different from the rest of existence.

Our brains have been evolving… ADD. Constantly multitasking, taking in different streams of information 24/7 during all times. The older generations say things have become too fast paced, data overload. Is this not our brains simply evolving?

The revolution will not be televised. Television is too passive. It does not reflect the mind the brain the human spirit. It is merely optical.

The revolution starts in the mind of the people.

Slowly, this mind is being transfered outboard. Outboard brains… computers. This is where the revolution is. Faster and faster… mimicing the speed at which our neurons connect and create connections, linkages, similarities. Combining concepts.

Tags… simple thoughts connecting things much more complicated.

Cellphones… external … when do the become one with us? When will our minds and bodies be connected with each other, without external devices? When will we stop using cell phones as cards? Those cards that programmers of yore used. When will the hard drives of our era come and integrate with us?

Soon… perhaps sadly.

What will we lose, what will we gain.

Today in the news, privacy has become a big issue for Americans, starters of this computerized evolution.

Is that the cost? Individuality? Which we Americans, perhaps we humans cherish so darly?

Yet…humans seek so desperately to stave away loneliness. We cling so desperately to eachother. We seek companionship. We seek peers. Were we once one?

Damn… so many ideas. rushing rushing rushing.. I try to comprehend them all… but is it up to future generations to catch every idea that whizzes past? Is my mind too slow to understand?

“…” <— I’ve always loved a good ellipses!


I remember back in junior high and high school.
I used to listen to Rage. I heard the message.
Flashforward 6-8 years or so…
I now understand it.
Before the music resonated with me. “The Machine” was the whole grown-up world. Teenage angst if you will.
The reality is much worse than that. Now the music makes my whole body vibrate and shake. With anger.
Recently I’ve been putting off a major decision in my life. Follow my dreams, or fight for them. Should I go along my way of becoming a video game designer, toys for the privaleged? Or should I fight to bring the joy that I get from games to everyone. Sigh… it is Men & Women who can “throw away” their individual dreams, and take up the dreams of billions of people lying in wait for their time to finally, finally, finally come.

Who were you, Mark Garrison, to bump RATM?

yes i know my enemy
they’re the teachers who told me to fight me

the elite

all of which are american dreams

What are you doing about it? Its not just “good music”… its a message. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?


I’ve been talking a lot with Susie, Karen, David (The Social Construct Conclave) and other ppls about why we think UCSD sucks. There’ve been hella conversations up in OASIS, Sierra Summit and here in the Mansion about the different reasons UCSD defied our expectations. My biggest gripe?

No Solidarity.

I could never dream of our own students and faculty bonding together over a matter that affects us all… could you?

hell, its hard enough getting the students to care about anything deeply… it seems.

Well, except SunGod of course.