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1st time for everything


Yay I’m happy with the design. Although I was thinking about expanding the header image to go above the menu, that’ll take too much work so imma leave it as is. Granted, I may change the design before this site goes online, but who cares. Its my first site design, and although it is highly unoriginal, I like it. It is kinda bland though. Too much spice, too many notes. I mean, too white. I don’t have the ability to go beyond it (Amadeus).

Anyway, I got my final wisdom tooth pulled today. I was supposed to go under, but I didn’t look at the directions I was given and ate 2 bites of a burger before I realized I wasn’t supposed to eat 8hrs. beforehand. I thought I’d still be able to do it so I didn’t finish it. I regretted that, and was very hungry as I waited 2 HOURS for a thing that took 20 minutes total (including 12 minutes of waiting for the numbness to kick in). So I guess I won’t get to experience the drug induced stupidity of anesthesia. BTW, the posters up in the dentist’s room (he was a fatass) were pretty trippy. A collage of sports and animals, kinda like those Highlights “find these items” thingies, but hella trippier (Imagine a flying bird/basketball and a shark with a shovel through its head). There was another one that seemed bible based, but I didn’t get a good look at that one. On the plus side though, I was able to not argue my way out of paying for my medication, which will allow me to procure some vicadin tomorrow (for the tooth I pulled a few weeks ago, my dad told em that we wanted to get the meds for free from the base, which resulted in a change of prescription from the V to codeine). We’ll see if that shit is what it’s all cracked up to be.

Oh. for the 4th, I saw some fireworks @ the creekwalk. It was ehhhhhh… BBQ too. That’s good. Fuckin’ hotlinks and hamburgers are too good.

Oh yeah, imma be back in SD round the 20th. The retreat for SB starts the next day. That made me sad, cuz that’s less time back home than I thought I had, but it totally makes sense. Somehow I know I should be more excited or enthused, or more something about this whole ATC thing but I dunno, I guess it hasn’t hit me yet or something. Maybe its the fact that I don’t have a place to stay yet. Or a major. So I guess I feel displaced in my current “hometown” of SD.

Oh yeah. Check out the jay-zeezer project. It’s a mixed bag, but there are some real gems there. I DL’ed it awhile ago, but just started listening to it forreals. I didn’t pick up the bonus tracks tho, so I’m dl’in “Yeah In The Sun” right now, now that I fucking love “Yeah”. If you ever meet this poster, ask me to do my Lil’ Jon impressions. I’ve been told that I’m pretty accurate. “OKAAAAAY!?!

Oh yeah. Playing is for pleasure.

Fear & Anime in Vacaville

Hi, I fear not finding the perfect gift. I fear not being able to wake up tomorrow. I fear going back to SD. I fear having noone here to talk to anymore. I fear never seeing the one I love again.

But its a new year soon. Time to put those fears to rest.

Ooh… that sounds so… decisive. Just some dramatic rambling.

Have you seen it? If you follow the series, then you know how stupid it is.

It has a really cool premise. Mankind exists in a future with no past. 40 years ago, “something” happened, which erased all of mankind’s memories. The hero, Roger Smith pilots an artifact of the past, Big O (typical anime giant robot) and uses it to fight crime and shit. The story goes along, trying to explain what happened so long ago. Blah Blah blah.

Originally ending after 13 eps on a super confusing cliffhanger that explains nothing, Cartoon Network revived the series, creating 13 new eps. The 2nd season builds upon the interesting plot, throwing in clones, mad scientists, misguided visionaries, etc etc. + more staples to sci-fi anime. But what’s the catch? the catch is that it makes no sense. I figure that they original creators left it at that cliffhanger cuz they realized how ridiculous the story would become. Cause the plot just goes crazy and shit starts gettin confusing and doesn’t make ANY sense. Oh. And the 26th ep? Ends on yet another cliffhanger, this time twice as confusing.

Some questions and considerations:
Why ARE giant robots so predominant in anime? Why not in american toons? Giant robos are cool. I like giant robos. I don’t like big o maybe.

I like everything about the show (well almost, the dialogue’s pretty weak/forced sometimes), except for the fact that it makes NO sense. That just pisses me off. Investing all that viewing time and etc into the series, HOPING that at the end I’ll go “OOOHHHHH!!!!! DAMN I GET IT!!!” … but no. I’m just all “DAMNIT!!!!!!” I mean, its cool to end on a such a dramatic (and dare I say cliffhanging again?) note, but having it not make sense pretty much ruined it for me. Imma stick with Bebop. Hell, at least Inu Yasha makes sense. I wish I had the $ to just buy some good anime and watch it in Japanese or something. But thanks to the craze, its waaaaaaay to spensive. But hopefully some kind soul out there’ll buy me the Trigun box set.

Oh yeah, they used to run Trigun on CN. That’s my fav anime. I first fell in love with its wackiness, and from what I’ve seen of the latter eps on CN, its story is rather crazy as well.

Well, I gotta go to sleep. And I don’t feel like posting anything worthwhile. Actually I probably shouldn’t sleep, I’ll never wake up in time. Being nocturnal sucks.

Oh, I’ve been listening to new purchases Bjork’s Telegram and Pink’s Obscured by Clouds. Gotta nice Yellow Sub poster too.

Well, tomorrow’s a big day. I gotta take a family picture (that’s what I gotta “wake up” for), see if I can face my old friends, and oh yeah, New Year’s Eve.

Don’t Drink & Drive.

@ it again…

SongNow: Always Be There – Basement Jaxx

so yeah um. Nothing much out of the ordinary… just look at the past few posts, mix n match… there’s my last few days… well minus the stupid broken clocks.

btw… any songs anyone want uploaded? < /shotinthedark >

SongNow: Portishead – Sour Times


SongNow: Clipse – I’m Serious

Ok this past few days have been weird. So 1st up is the cogsci right… at that point I still haven’t slept yet (this is thursday night… the night before…), and we’re starting the project. I do fake calculations, they give me some real ones, then I fucking do the math, and I’m supposed to be done. Oh yeah, I started the whole paper as well (materials, method crap, its a science experiment report). Anyway so one group member i haven’t even met before is doing as much work as I am at first… but then shit gets stupid… etc.

End result: We finish 10 minutes after class starts, no one sleeps.

So… Friday night, I should be ready to just SLEEP right? Naw… we pull another Friday, and hook up on a quad… but end up getting like another 1/8’s worth for free!!! (Ashley’s tight…). Also, Justin’s old school friends showed up, and we had a mad ass party. Me Adry Justin Ed Keven Jen Kaia Mel Ashley Derrick Larry Ryan Andrea Victoria Alma jeff and pole… the list keeps goin…

Vaporized… Gas mask… just about everything cept J’s were hit… good stuff. Oh… there were some stuff to drink for all too…

So I ended up passing out. Saturday, I went to a dance show thing with Adry @ the theatre in Revelle… I GUESS it was alright… hahaha ANYway…

Sunday… chilled with Adry, then chilled with Justin Ashley, Juan Kaia Ivan Ed more swishers and masks…

and now I’m here…

I just went to OVT and grubbed, and am still chillin…

Life is chill.

Same ol, same ol…

SongNow: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

So yeah tuesday and wednesday went along the same lines… I remember singing karaoke, it rained last week before watching Original Sin… um… yeah.

Thursday was the 1st day w/o (except early in the morn), made up with Adry, ate salad, um… yeah.

Today I found out that my final cat essay was due tuesday instead of other-than-tuesday-day. FUCK

CogSci quarter-long project due next Friday, paper, finals, I AM SCREWED.

Suitemeeting today too.

Oh yeah…

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop!

Hi welcome to Clock’s section of my blog. So here’s a random conversation about music and stuff. I guess you had to be there…

Fuckin’ Kazaa…

UltraRelax (02:22 PM): so what do you do?
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): nothing
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): listening to musc
UltraRelax (02:23 PM): what song
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): hmm
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): its on random
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): right now its playinguh
Clockw0rk (02:23 PM): janet jackson – all 4 u
UltraRelax (02:23 PM): just a little having fun?
Clockw0rk (02:24 PM): yea
UltraRelax (02:24 PM): i see
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): wait
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): just a little having fun
UltraRelax (02:25 PM): ?
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): stuipdass
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): wheres that from
UltraRelax (02:25 PM): i dunno
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): no
UltraRelax (02:25 PM): cuz i dunno what she says
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): thats from somewhere
Clockw0rk (02:25 PM): in which song
UltraRelax (02:26 PM): “its all for uuuuuuuuu….. (just a little having fun]”
UltraRelax (02:26 PM): i dunno if that’s what she says but yeah
Clockw0rk (02:26 PM): oh yea
Clockw0rk (02:26 PM): i think she says
Clockw0rk (02:26 PM): soon youll be having fun
UltraRelax (02:26 PM): oh yeah huh
Clockw0rk (02:26 PM): BUT
Clockw0rk (02:26 PM): just a little having fun is from somewhere else
UltraRelax (02:26 PM): they maybe mariah carey
Clockw0rk (02:27 PM): well i changed the song
Clockw0rk (02:27 PM): WHAT DO YOU DO
UltraRelax (02:27 PM): FUCK
UltraRelax (02:27 PM): i mean
UltraRelax (02:27 PM): Underworld – Born Slippy
UltraRelax (02:28 PM): other than that i just wait for class @ 3
Clockw0rk (02:28 PM): wtf
UltraRelax (02:28 PM): ?
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): category says
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): techno
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): rock
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): house
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): classical
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): gothic
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): house
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): hahaha
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): electronic
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): wtf
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): jungle
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): pop
Clockw0rk (02:29 PM): ???
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): classical and gothic is stupid
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): house is stupid
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): rock is stupid
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): jungle… MAYBE but that’s still stupid
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): yeah
UltraRelax (02:29 PM): those are just stuipid
Clockw0rk (02:30 PM): i see’
UltraRelax (02:31 PM): yeah
UltraRelax (02:31 PM): DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE
Clockw0rk (02:31 PM): ill try not to
Clockw0rk (02:31 PM): BUT KAZAA NEVER LIES
UltraRelax (02:31 PM): damn you kazaa!
UltraRelax (02:31 PM): damn you again!
Clockw0rk (02:32 PM): and again!
UltraRelax (02:32 PM): first you killed my brother
UltraRelax (02:32 PM): and now this?
Clockw0rk (02:32 PM): =o