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So earlier today, I told Adry that I was tired of everything. Annoyed by everything. Basically, I was not really happy with my life. Why? A lotta things. Her response to this: “You need a vacation.” How ridiculously true.

Bridge is quite fun, and the jobs cakesauce, but by the end of the day, I’m drained. I love it though. The program itself is just a really, really good, happy, fun thing. It really is a family. And seeing all the new kids come on up is really something. Loads of memories and stuff, new and old. Blah blah blah.

I love my girlfriend. She’s everything I need right now, and supports me when I need it the most. It’s hard not being able to see her all the time with work and all, but we get through it, and those moments are blissful, relaxing, soothing, stress-relieving. But girls are evil. Either they do the above to you and cause you torment, or they play mind games, or they tempt you, or you don’t have one. And you can’t live without em. Sigh. Nevertheless though, “Constant over stimulation numbs me and I wouldn’t have it any other way” Or something.

    I really love Radiohead too. I’ve been listening to their B-Sides recently and fuck. Its like I fucking discovered the New World. This shit is really good… Bishop’s Robes, Polyethylene, Faithless, the Wonder Boy, etc. Go Go Go! Or Maybe I’ll UL em…

My Dad’s been in the hospital recently. Heart failure and the works, twice around. It really bums me out. He’s doing much better now though supposedly, doctor said so. But shit like that really makes me think about how little time I have left with him. He’s been trying to help me get a G5, but the constant nagging, calling, “did you do this?” “what about this?” “how’s your car?” “blah blah blah”, annoys me like no other. So whenever I get tired of it, I go “yeah, uhuh, ok, yeah” etc. and try to rush things along asap. Afterwards tho, I feel hella guilty. “I shouldn’t be mad, he’s only trying to help!” Yeah. That feeling sucks. I don’t wanna deal with it.

My car’s still got that light on. I just took it in today. Supposedly, its the fuel injektor that’s fucked up this time. WTF I hate that pos car and want a japanese one. Thanks to my dad’s newly found super veteren status or something, my tuition’s free so a new car is a possibility? Took 4 or 5 years to get here but finally here it is. Free-ride city. Yay about that huh?

So yeah I missed EVO. AGAIN. Fuck. I really wanted to go, but I fucking procrastinated on everything and got caught up. Fucking Bridge. But yeah, between my dad getting sick, work, my fucked up car, adry, etc. I couldn’t go. I regret it. But there’s nothing I could do I guess. But yeah check SRK if you care. And if you find any vids posted, hit me up. I already saw Justin Wong get his ass kicked by Soo tho. I love the West Coast!

    I like the 1st verse of Rollin’ On 20’s

Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking about living in NYC for awhile now. Between always wanting to kinda, Barbara’s (friend) fucking ridiculous love for the city, moovs, chance for something new, Jay-Z, etc., I’ve almost made it a life goal to live there for a bit.

I miss Japan, my brothers, my childhood, my old friendships, my new friends and probly some other stuff too.

Oh yeah, I gotta do traffic school too. Almost forgot about that, I should finish it up soon…

My mind is too full of shit right now. I have this nasty habit that I’ve had for a real long time to procrastinate and then forget shit. I’ve been trying to fix this, but its a slow process. I’m really high-strung right now; I need to get my shit together forreals. And I still gotta start working out. So much for summer of fitness…

I can’t wait for my vacation.

    I fucking love SpottieOttieDopalicious. After I finished the above, I started paying attention to the bgm… this song relaxes me. I wonder if its cuz its linked to my babe…


Well I was bored again so I decided to read other ppls XAGNA’s (intentional… its funnilier) And I noticed that a lot of ppl were complaining about stuff. I haven’t really complained about anything on here for awhile now so I feel left out.

Yesterday I was sad because all of my friends back here at home suck. They go on with their own lives, and since I’ve been away all year, this going on doesn’t really include me. I felt left out and sad. Luckily, my girlfriend is hella cool and cheered me up. I love that girl she’s cool.

Um… yeah. I also complain about AOL. It sucks and always tries to be slick and kick me off. It pisses me off when I’m trying to get some of the songs I was talking about earlier from Clockw0rk (IM him!) and AOL is bitchy and says “No!” and proceeds to either kick me off or ask to kick me off. wtf I’ll TELL you when I wanna get off ok? And besides, just because I don’t wanna use the crappy AOL browser doesn’t mean i’m not doing shit! Blah! Grr! (although I do understand AOL does that because its #1 ISP in America and kicks you off to reduce stress and shit). Blah!

I also complain about the crappy cell service I’ve been getting recently. When I first got the cell, I had full bars. Now, I struggle for 2. WTF. This makes talking to said girlfriend very difficult and leads to many cut offs and hello? hello? are you there? hello? exchanges which waste my precious minutes. And no, I’m not on cingular, I’m on ATT, so bad service is NOT in the contract. In fact, we’re with ATT because they said that service is always wonderful. Fuck that. One time, it said I was fucking ROAM ing wtf. NO! I wasn’t! F that S! Blah!

Okay I’m done complaining now. So now, there is a reason to read my blog, other than my normal “I do nothing” kinda stuff. I hope all those who complain about stuff (with good reason…most of the time), somehow find a way to make it so you don’t complain and your dreams come true. That would be wonderful, and then instead of worrying about relationship problems (which accounts for 90% of the complaining… reasonable cuz I used to complain about that too sometimes), we can start anew our effort to end world hunger. The world would be perfect and everyone would be a machine. Today I told clock to say “Too Short” because ppl think its cool. Cammy says “Too Short” when she wins, and it doesn’t really make any sense. Then again, Cable says, “Pushed TOO far” and that is kinda silly as well. Oh well, so be it. I would normally insert a crazy White quote now (White is a japanese sf player who posts crazy engrish on SRK forums), but I am not on my computer and do not have complete access to them. So instead, here’s a nifty (!) quote that has some VG relationing.

“If video games, like Pac-Man for example, influenced kids, then they’d all be running around in little dark rooms, munching white pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”
–Creator of Nintendo

Pancakes On Sunday

So yeah I’m sitting here doing nothing. “We” (who?) couldn’t ressurect the infamous Shin Chia Pet so I decided to blog about it or something.

ANyway, I’m going back to SD in like the day after tommorow so all you so-cal ppl, “hi, how are you doing? Come to my home and sit down for a chat.”

Yeah… that’s about it. Hopefully i’ll have internet at my new home so I can post more things that only 1 (2?!?!) peoples read.

A cool song to listen to is Pancakes On Sunday by Beret. Don’t look for it on Kazaa tho, cuz its not called Pancakes On Sunday. I made that name up, its track 1 of some cd maxi (why are they called maxi anyway?). And the title would probably be in Japanese. Or French. So yeah nevermind. But track 3 and 4 are good too (4 is called Blue Skies but not really. I don’t have 3 yet, but expect a non-name soon).

Damn… I’m typing all fobby. Have a nice day and remember that “I will win, not you!”