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Google on Google Chrome – comic book

So google finally announced their browser. You really gotta check this out; I’m sure it’ll be revolutionary in some aspect (open source, memory management, other architecture, etc.).

But what’s really of interest— to the artist in me at least—the geek in me is afk, shitting himself over the wonderful possibilities as well as the horrible implications for internet monopoly—is Scott McCloud’s beautiful & super informative comicbook describing what Chrome is & how it functions. McCloud captures the images of various coders and designers, and use them to explain Chrome’s features to users and dispense tech-talk to the developers. And man… If you’ve read McCloud’s other books, you know that McCloud has a wonderful grasp on the medium of comics, and can explain just about anything through a few, lines & a word bubble.

The part below perfectly illustrated what I perceive to be one of the most frequented and most frustrating part of a browser: the URL bar.



In the new version of firefox, the “awesome bar” tries to give suggestions when you type into the box. But a lot of the times, these results just end up cluttering the short box and makes things even more difficult. In fact, while creating this post, I typed “hagure” into the URL bar and instead of taking me to hagure-metaru.net, I got a link for http://hagure-metaru.net/wordpress/wp-admin/press-this.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fblogoscoped.com%2Fgoogle-chrome%2F&t=Google%20on%20Google%20Chrome%20-%20comic%20book&s=&v=2

That is not helpful at all. I look at the first part of the URL, then my eyes glaze over at the trailing gobbledygook, and I feel like the programmer in the last panel. Here’s hopin’ Google comes through.


Here’s to the Google Monopoly… a reluctant cheer. May you guard my (and the rest of the world’s) data/life with wisdom, courage and justice.

Times Change

So I ended up getting Mario Kart Wii or whatever.
I picked it up, picked up a DS, put that down, then put Kart back.

Almost walked outta the store; then I re-picked Kart.

Charge it, done deal.

Came home and misplaced it.

I didn’t even try to play it.

Are my days as a Gamer done?

I dunno. I just wanna say that I didn’t care cuz I heard that MKwii was shit and that cycles ruined the game buuuuut…

I played it.

Jump powerslides are reminiscent of OG SNES MK (enough acronymns for ya?), or at least so I believe. I haven’t figured out the boost system for MKwii yet… right now it seems that you simply “charge up” a speed boost, but I doubt that’s all there is to it. There’s depth to this game; it should not be slept on. Fuck. I gotta take this game seriously! No looking for contacts, kill the monks!

We’ll see.

But really though?

Its crazy that I said “We’ll see.”

I never would have said that before. Game woulda been analyzed harder and faster than any magazine reviewer. Back in the day, I was a gamer. I didn’t need no review or strategy guide to tell me how to play a game. Sadly, this was Ninja Gaiden that we were talking about, so beatdowns were given without any mercy. I woulda beat that bird through shear tenacity. Sadly, the bird wasn’t even a part of the equation