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Pancakes On Sunday

So yeah I’m sitting here doing nothing. “We” (who?) couldn’t ressurect the infamous Shin Chia Pet so I decided to blog about it or something.

ANyway, I’m going back to SD in like the day after tommorow so all you so-cal ppl, “hi, how are you doing? Come to my home and sit down for a chat.”

Yeah… that’s about it. Hopefully i’ll have internet at my new home so I can post more things that only 1 (2?!?!) peoples read.

A cool song to listen to is Pancakes On Sunday by Beret. Don’t look for it on Kazaa tho, cuz its not called Pancakes On Sunday. I made that name up, its track 1 of some cd maxi (why are they called maxi anyway?). And the title would probably be in Japanese. Or French. So yeah nevermind. But track 3 and 4 are good too (4 is called Blue Skies but not really. I don’t have 3 yet, but expect a non-name soon).

Damn… I’m typing all fobby. Have a nice day and remember that “I will win, not you!”

Summer’s Here!

Damn… no new comp till August… but hopefully it’ll be this beauty www.apple.com/powermac/ Pricey, looks weird (i guess it grows on you) but is much too much overpowered. Not like I’m gonna be using it to its full extent, but hey, why not? Anyway, I’m back at home (707) and figured that since all I do here amounts to nothing at all, I’d start blogging again. So what’s new? A lot.

  • Back in SD, me, Ed and Justin have a house. Yes, a house, backyard, garage and all that. Sucks tho, cuz ALL of the $ imma be making this summer is goin straight into furnishing it and bills and all that good stuff.
  • School’s out for summer. Haha, like you didn’t know that.

Hmm… I guess that’s it. Oh well. So yeah, I’ll be updating again for all zero of you readers out there. Who knows, maybe I’ll use my 56k of bandwidth to the full extent and start making a real website.

Then again, probly not.

“Laziness conquers all.”
– Jason Tjalsma

Previously lost to bad formatting

SongNow: N*E*R*D – Baby Doll

ShinChiaPet:^______^: bloop! AGAIN…

Yeah Yeah… Next up is…Here.

Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): also i didnt have any space to take pictures of/with random girlrs walking around
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): SKOOLGURLS
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): but 101 & 102 look like jetset stuff huh
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): haha
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): kogaal
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): tough toenails
UltraRelax (05:56 PM): yushiro
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): yea thats
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): shibuya
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): shibuya cho
Clockw0rk (05:56 PM): wait is it
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): lemem check
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): oh
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): thats not shibuya
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): heh
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): those ones are in kitakurihama
Clockw0rk (05:57 PM): where i was staying at
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): ah
UltraRelax (05:57 PM): oh

There’s more… but its just as ridiculously boring… Kamakura, etc.


SongNow: Outkast – Sole Sunday (OMG the REAL version!!!)

Sup… so yeah. Wednesday I took my CAT final right? OMG thank god its over… We studied SOOO hard for it! And then the prompt we all had a nice big ass outline for wasn’t chosen… wtf is that shit? Oh well… So after that, I chilled with Adry, we had an 1/8th… loved it. Oh yeah, I also got drunk with Ashley that night. That was interesting… its been awhile since I’ve been high THEN drunk. BUT… the best shit happened today.

Oh well… I gottta clean the room then study for Earth Sci… and damn am I hungry.

So yeah, I updated for all you ppl. But the same goes for you too! You all should update as well!


SongNow: Bob Marley – Waiting In Vain

People have some problems… I feel all bad cuz mine aren’t nearly as big… but yeah. My condonlences.

if i sound tired.. it’s not because i’m tired. ucsd supplies me with enough caffeine to force myself to be awake…
the underlying lack of umph is actually my lack of love of life.

– suprgenios