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“Be Really Real Son!”

I get asked to update this a lot. But I don’t really have the time or patience to put out a real post these days…
So I make an excuse by putting the redesign on top of my todo for website list, giving me reason to neglect posting.

I’ll actually do it someday.

In the meantime, I’ll only do posts when I’m procrastinating on hw.

By the by, Imma have 40’s Fridays starting from now on. It doesn’t always have to be on Fridays but it always has to involve fourzeros. Who wants to join me?

postscript: I randomly thought of that Chapelle line for the title. The song was a coincidence

Summer Bridge Pictures Inside



I know the site looks like shit now. I’m in the process of more redesign. Expect to see a real site up now. One with sections, subsites, etc. etc.

But don’t despair! I now have interenet @ home so I’ll be able to put shit into gear.

by the by, I’m going back home to Vacaville this weekend, Sunday morning specifically.

I’ll see ya there.

P.P.S.: I fucking hate code…


I’m right here chillin’ at Fernando’s once again. It’s his b-day; he’s 20 years old. Wish him a happy b-day!

Anyway, a lotta shit has changed since I put this site up and left it to stagnate.

For those not in the know, I live in Rancho Penasquitos now, 20 minutes from school. It may be a far drive (but not as far as you think, it’s like 6 min from Ferny’s), but damn is it worth it.


Its a nice 2-story deal that houses Melanie Natividad, Susie Parras, Tidiane Diallo, Arash Haile, myself, and Ken xxx.

A lotta ya’ll may know the first 4 people, but dunno who Ken is.
Ken is another story.

With all those people, there’s still room to spare too!

But yeah, we got the hook up with an in-house studio courtesy of Arash, a jacuzzi (indoors even), a weight room (soon to be converted to THE SPOT), and get this, a patio with a canyon view. Sunsets are amazing each and every day. Hell, it even came with a couple of couches, a fridge, washer/dryer and (possiblymaybe) a big screen tv.

But that’s just the house in general. Head upstairs and to the right and you got my room. Lemme just say that the BATHROOM is bigger than the room I was living at in Mira Mesa. And I got a patio and a tub. NICE.

But enough about the house. I’m sure everyone who knew about it are tired of the “Mennonite Mansion Mob” goin on and on about it.

Call me up and come vist though!

Speaking of which, my phone hella broke on me. Everything worked EXCEPT the menu button. For those of you with Nokias, its the one that you push to unlock your phone, go into the menu, check missed calls and messages, etc etc. Basically, my phone became 50% disfunctional because of one little button. Which brings me to my pont. I gotta new one, but since that button doesn’t work, I can’t see a lotta the #’s I had on it. I would suppose you all know the drill…

Let’s see what else has changed…

Oh, I’m officially single again. Yeah, even though me and Adry “broke up” back when school ended, we pretty much hung exclusively with each other. Bridge comes and goes though, and Adry finds herself diggin YA black/island boy again, hahaha. I’ve yet to meet David, but the fool’s gotta be cool.

So expect a return of the “blah blah blah i wanna girl” type posts that I mocked round this time last year.

Stuff 2 Talk about Next Time

Oh, Some things don’t change though: I’m still undeclared.


GBA Flash Carts

Heh, I wanna know what happened to his preaching career.

Something cool’s happened to Vacaville. We now have a 24hr Fast Food Joint! Tho it may be McD (ehhhhhhhh), now the bored teens and YAs of vtown actually have something to do past 11p (even tho its only getting fries).

Anyway, my intern-sister Susie Parras gave me a ring today. She was wondering if she was gonna see me around pre-training, as well as how I was doing and all that mess. Heh… it sounds stupid but I really miss her. She’s pretty much the person I’ve gotten closest to during my stint at OASIS, even though most all we do is fake argue/fight, and when we do sit down and have conversations with each other, its normally complete nonsense. I miss my never-there-bro too. He’s such a kind person, and his voice gives me a “everything’s gonna be ok” kinda aura.

It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure most every bridger/OASISer has similar feelings about their peers. Or maybe its just called friendship.

Anyway, about that cheesy site I linked to. I dropped 300 on a (wait I already talked about this). Anyway, I have to fax them my ID so the order can go through. Even though Imma need a PC to get this shit started, hopefully it’ll be worth it. It’ll be my first big purchase since the clearing out of my goodies, so it had BETTER be good.

Here at home, I feel hella unproductive. Hell, the most productive thing I do on most days is work on this website, which no one can see anyway. In abscence of writing in a journal, I blog. Fair enough. But anyway, yeah. All I do is sit at home and rot. Tomorrow I supposed to chill with the Fume Hood Posse of yore, namely, Dan “The MAN” Laury, Bryan “Napalm” Tracy, and perhaps the other 2 members. I should also contact Kyle “Super Wafter” Masterson, John “Baby D” Tice, Jason “Doctor Claw” Tjalsma and call Ryan “Ah Lyon Ah” Lee and tell him about the startling McD and Mase developments.

I’m watching late night BET, and there’s this vid called “White Girls” (to the tune of White Lines). Its like a Girls Gone Wild wanna be, stupid stupid stupid. Its funny though. Mighty Casey. Now its an equally stupid video, “Flap Your Wings” by Nelly fucking get your eagle on? c’mon… (And I can’t even enjoy the hot girls b/c I don’t wanna look at hot girls right now. I WANT a hot girl right now (aha.) And I’ve noticed hella ppl ripping lines from the Bluborious F.A.T. everyone from Fat Joe (that’s ok, they’re bluborious breathren) to nelly to Lil’ Jon, to anyone.

Well… this post was supposed to be hella short cuz I’m trying to go to sleep before the sun starts coming up. Time to pop some pills and drink a tall glass… ITS BECAUSE OF MY TOOTHACHE, I’M SERIOUS! (DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO MILKBOX YOU!!!)

Oh yeah I gotta check out a song called 16 by ____, some bay/sac group. It uses the fucking Imperial March as a beat. To quote the SFA3 announcer, “THAT’S ENOUGH, UNBEATABLE!!!”

1st time for everything


Yay I’m happy with the design. Although I was thinking about expanding the header image to go above the menu, that’ll take too much work so imma leave it as is. Granted, I may change the design before this site goes online, but who cares. Its my first site design, and although it is highly unoriginal, I like it. It is kinda bland though. Too much spice, too many notes. I mean, too white. I don’t have the ability to go beyond it (Amadeus).

Anyway, I got my final wisdom tooth pulled today. I was supposed to go under, but I didn’t look at the directions I was given and ate 2 bites of a burger before I realized I wasn’t supposed to eat 8hrs. beforehand. I thought I’d still be able to do it so I didn’t finish it. I regretted that, and was very hungry as I waited 2 HOURS for a thing that took 20 minutes total (including 12 minutes of waiting for the numbness to kick in). So I guess I won’t get to experience the drug induced stupidity of anesthesia. BTW, the posters up in the dentist’s room (he was a fatass) were pretty trippy. A collage of sports and animals, kinda like those Highlights “find these items” thingies, but hella trippier (Imagine a flying bird/basketball and a shark with a shovel through its head). There was another one that seemed bible based, but I didn’t get a good look at that one. On the plus side though, I was able to not argue my way out of paying for my medication, which will allow me to procure some vicadin tomorrow (for the tooth I pulled a few weeks ago, my dad told em that we wanted to get the meds for free from the base, which resulted in a change of prescription from the V to codeine). We’ll see if that shit is what it’s all cracked up to be.

Oh. for the 4th, I saw some fireworks @ the creekwalk. It was ehhhhhh… BBQ too. That’s good. Fuckin’ hotlinks and hamburgers are too good.

Oh yeah, imma be back in SD round the 20th. The retreat for SB starts the next day. That made me sad, cuz that’s less time back home than I thought I had, but it totally makes sense. Somehow I know I should be more excited or enthused, or more something about this whole ATC thing but I dunno, I guess it hasn’t hit me yet or something. Maybe its the fact that I don’t have a place to stay yet. Or a major. So I guess I feel displaced in my current “hometown” of SD.

Oh yeah. Check out the jay-zeezer project. It’s a mixed bag, but there are some real gems there. I DL’ed it awhile ago, but just started listening to it forreals. I didn’t pick up the bonus tracks tho, so I’m dl’in “Yeah In The Sun” right now, now that I fucking love “Yeah”. If you ever meet this poster, ask me to do my Lil’ Jon impressions. I’ve been told that I’m pretty accurate. “OKAAAAAY!?!

Oh yeah. Playing is for pleasure.