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Don’t Fear The Reaper

pancheetos’s Xanga Site

Apparently that was the song that was on that site previously. Probly the 440 version. Maybe the OG. I dunno. It’s a decent song I suppose. It got me into 440, it got me into buying “Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply”, which I listened to like 3 times before it was STOLEN BY MUTHERFUCKERS.

But anyway.

I’m really bored. I’ve been home for quite some time now, and haven’t done anything. I never knew summer was so short when you weren’t having fun. I’ll do better tho, I promise.

oh yeah, that’s “Frankie’s” blog. He’s a cool self-proclaimed beaner fatass. I don’t think so. I would proclaim him a cool guy. But anyway, he actually writes posts that are readable, and not just random blurbs that make sense to noone but the writer (WHO DOES THAT I DON’T KNOW WHO COULD IT BE?!!?!?!). I respect that.

So anyway, Summer Bridge is in like less than a month now. I still don’t have a place to live, and etc etc. I really wish summer was longer, and I was more productive.

Yesterday I went to the mall. Guess who I saw? You’ll be appalled! It was Ryan Rucker, the notorious Nose Burglar! He triple jumps 46’1″. That is really far for those not in the know. It seems that the triple jumpers at Wood only get better and better each year. I wonder if he took up an aprentice, and if he will 1-Up everyone, much like Bobby Mosier did to myself.

Today I saw Aaron Ray at the Baseball field. It was cool. I went there to see fireworks. They were ok, nothing too spectacular. Other than that, I didn’t do anything today of note. Oh maybe I went to the eye doctor. Oh no, that was yesterday as well. He did hella more tests than usual, and when he washed his hands to take my contacts out (why don’t they ever let you do it yourself?), he still had soap on his hands and it stung. Then he put some yellow eyedrop things in my eye for the pressure or something. Those turned my temporary one day contacts he gave me yellow as well.

That is what I did.

Oh yeah, last night I stayed up all night researching and then making an impulse buy of a 1Gig flash card for my GBA. Set me back like 200 or something I think. I also paid my phone bill (at least I might have, the site said i didn’t, then said i did, then kept on giving me errors. WTF ATT). A couple days ago I went to Todai’s in Concord with mizuki, mom and her friend Mieko. It was alright, nothing too special. Mizuki had eggshell in her fried rice, and the melon sucked (remarkably though, it tasted more like melon and squirting lemon on it, though it also tasted more like lemon). I’ve never noticed how similar lemon or melon were as words, namely cuz I never wrote them in the same sentence, or cared. I had some sushi (for the 1st time ever), some ramen with cilantro in it (yuk), some other stuff too. To the McCall’s chagrin, as soon as we were seated, Mieko gave the waitress her c.card to pay for it all, AND get my dad something too. FUCKER. My mom was still pissed about it when we got back home.

I woke my sister up just now to take her to bed. She then mumbled something about the “big sentence”. “Big sentence?” I asked. “The biggest sentence EVER… mumble…mumble…fireworks…downstairs.”

“Ok, let’s go downstairs to meet the big sentence.”

So anyway. At the end of the journey (in which Mizuki amused Mieko-san by looking through the space between the car chair and headrest and saying she was on “TV”), we dropped Mieko-san off at her car. She then gave the chauffer (me) $20. I was like, “OH FUCK NO” and quickly gave it to my mom, who was already trying to give her the cash for the meal. Mieko saw through my mom’s ploy and preemptively dashed into her car and closed and locked all the doors. DAMNIT. We were foiled by this fiend who paid for us and shit. I love being Japanese (I feel so guilty about receiving the 20spot, but didn’t think twice to use it for gas yesterday).

This post is pretty random, and not a joy to read, I know. I’m just to lazy to try/care. Besides, it’s not like this thing is even online yet.

Speaking of which. Fucking .mac service doesn’t let you use scripts. Only pure html. Fucking useless. I thought I was made in the shade, but now I’m unmade, in the sun. Or something.

Remember that hydrolic penises are unethical & cya when I cya.

I miss those CDs… again.

Man, my break has been great. I’ve been catching up with old friends and having a blast. Certainly a time of change… I’ve got a lotta other things to write, in a lotta other places, and since nobody comes here, imma make this short. And I also don’t like the fact that I still don’t have a layout of my own. Yeah yeah, once I get back in SD, I’ll use the finally accquired comp and photoshop and digicam and all that madness to make an original, maybe crappy, but original site. I really hate this template stuff… being the original, self-confident person that I am… hahaha.
So, happy holidays! I hope all you guys are having a great break too. And if you are reading this, tell me! And I’ll stop blowing it off… yeah right.

Oh yeah almost forgot. I was listening to Homew0rk when I was blogging, but now its Rage’s debut. Don’t have that plethora of music here like I do at home… but I did just buy Homew0rk, Band of Gypsys, FatBoySlim’s newest one, Dig Your Own Hole (again by mistake), and um… Deltron 3030 Instrumentals. I think that’s about it. I love music, don’t you?

Random Notes

Random notes

  • G5’s are fucking huge. I couldn’t put it in my computer desk.
  • I need to get a copy of VirtualPC so I can get Kazaa or something
  • I need to get a copy of PS/Dreamweaver/stuff to get my site going
  • I gotta midterm next week
  • I stopped bowling
  • White lines (don’t do it)
  • I like that song, but I didn’t know it was about snow
  • I always thought it said White lights
  • New Outkast is too good

Random Boredom

So this post is really random. I not really in the mindset to speak my mind and life but ya know, I’m bored.

I should update this more often because the more I update, the more ppl’ll actually read this, and the more incentive it’ll give me to update.
I guess its nature to want to have ppl read what you write, to feel like your everyday life has some meaning behind it. That’s why blogger and the like is so popular. “Reality Reading” I guess.

Anyway, when it comes to music, I’ve been hooked on ‘kast (Aquemini mainly) and Jay-Z (Blueprint). Outkast is just fucking tight. I just rediscovered that lp and been blastin it for like 3 weeks now. Return of the G, Skew It On The Bar-B I should just list the songs I’m NOT fond of: Mamacita (the chorus is too annoying as fuck), yeah that’s about it. If you wanna check it, get The Art of Storytellin’ (1 or 2), or SpottieOttieDopaliscious.

Jay-Z. I never really heard him and I was all prejudice against him cuz of Nas and shit (& the shit that I did hear wasn’t that good). But on the way up to the retreat (more bout that lates), Arash was bumpin’ em and I was took in. If you wanna check it, get: The Ruler’s Back, Takeover, U Don’t Know or Heart of the City (or Song Cry if you want slow shit). But yeah. Takeover aka the Nas diss… DAYAMN that was good. Ether was better but yeah I felt that.

If you’re into Reggae and THAT scene, check Pato Banton-My Opinion. VERY Trippy. And you can’t go wrong with Radiohead-Knives Out

So what have I been up to these past 2 weeks? More of the same. Work, chill, sleep. But since bridge is comin up (THIS WEEKEND WTF) work’s been busy. Last Weds, we kicked it all off with CPR and 1st Aid training. So yeah, if you’re ever chokin around me or something, I know what to do. Laugh like crazy The next day we (office staff and ATCs) went to Julian (nice mountainous naturey area) for a retreat full of big ass houses, pies, bonding (like a bigass suitemeeting), and non-sleeping. The place we stayed at was basically a fucking huge ass lodge/house kinda thing (held us 29 ppls comfortably) with turkies in the back. It was real tight, cuz its like I gained 20 some good friends overnight. After that, its just been preparing for bridge. OASIS is all busy with us, MSTP, SMP, CI and everyone else up there training, preparing, chillin, etc.

When it comes to chillin’, I’ve been doing more of the same. Been spendin time with J, Ed, Ashley just chillin at home; every once in awhile, Derrick, DJ (Ashley’s bro) or Juan’ll come up and we’ll all chill. One time, Derrick, his cuz, Ryan & Larry came and we had a nice lil’ time (see previous post). Too bad I passed out kinda early tho haha!

I’ve also been tryin to chill with Adry here and there; everytime we do we have a GREAT time. I guess abscence does make the heart grow fonder… even still, it sucks that we can’t even spend a single, full day together. Fuck all that curfew shit. Its like she’s in lockdown or something…

Oh yeah, I’m almost finished with my room now. Well, not really, but at least I got a desk and my comp set up. I got most of my shit moved in and situated now, but I still need to get some drawers and a couch. And no, my room is NOT big enough to hold a couch comfortably, but nevertheless I’m still getting one. I’m still not really happy with it, but oh well I can deal.

So yeah that’s about it. I should update more often, but I don’t cuz like my room, I’m not really comfortable with this site yet. Oh well. Imma get a new comp (Powermac G5!!!) and I’ll start fixin this shit up… like I keep on saying.

If any of you all read this, hit me up sometime, I like fraternizing with my friends. Lates.

Summer’s Here!

Damn… no new comp till August… but hopefully it’ll be this beauty www.apple.com/powermac/ Pricey, looks weird (i guess it grows on you) but is much too much overpowered. Not like I’m gonna be using it to its full extent, but hey, why not? Anyway, I’m back at home (707) and figured that since all I do here amounts to nothing at all, I’d start blogging again. So what’s new? A lot.

  • Back in SD, me, Ed and Justin have a house. Yes, a house, backyard, garage and all that. Sucks tho, cuz ALL of the $ imma be making this summer is goin straight into furnishing it and bills and all that good stuff.
  • School’s out for summer. Haha, like you didn’t know that.

Hmm… I guess that’s it. Oh well. So yeah, I’ll be updating again for all zero of you readers out there. Who knows, maybe I’ll use my 56k of bandwidth to the full extent and start making a real website.

Then again, probly not.

“Laziness conquers all.”
– Jason Tjalsma