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Anything that hasta with boring ol’ life @ my favorite daigaku

The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

The Radi, Radi-o. oh. T-T-Totally Sucks Dude. Drop it.

So a few days back, Shannon answered a question that had kinda been on my mind during the last few weeks of spring quarter:

“What are they saying in that song!?”

Explosion as R&R devil horns

For those of you who don’t know, its “T T Totally Dude!”.
If you didn’t understand that, then chances are, you probably already know the hook—as well as the rest of the song by heart.

The explosion-as-devilhorns-sign and the very end made me get spit all over my aging Powerbook G4 (ooh shiny Macbook Pros). Then yesterday, Shannon told me about the newest song from the 1 2-Hit Wonder, Shop Boyz:

Bill & Ted + Totally Dude + lolcat =

Damn. Just had to rub it in huh? And you want us to pay you for this stuff music industry?! I don’t wanna sound all old-fogey-ish… music in general has never been better imo, but radio is a cesspool. With stuff like pandora, last.fm, and the hype machine, I won’t look back when the current business model collapses, despite the RIAA’s last gasps.

Anyway, sorry for the crap. I’ve been real bitter as of late at myself and my world in general, for having shit like this, “Pop Lock & Drop It” & “ella, ella, ey! ey! ey!” stuck in my head more than 1/2 the time I’m awake.

Here’s some real music:

John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead Cover)

Though I was definitely part of the right college radio generation, I never got into the whole John Mayer (or SD’s response, Jason Mraz) thing. But Radiohead was “my band” back in the days of the FHP (FumeHood Posse)—which, btw, is way better than OBG (no comment)—and continued to be my “college band” throughout my UCSD days. Long story short: Kid A is my favoritist song ever (LIVE!!!), and Mayer does a nice acoustic of it.

I also picked up this gem from the del.icio.us mp3 page.

We Got Our Own Thing – J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.
(via: The White Noise Revisited)

This one’s for Clockw0rk. Funky-house beats that you love, with the old-school rap rhymes that no one can deny… don’t sleep on that via: link though, as I go through it with Peel, I find a lotta gems (YA mp3 blog I gotta check up on).

PS: I’ve been listening to a lot of “The Eraser” recently… shoulda got it last Summer back in Switzerland. And Random Google Researchâ„¢ for the post: Remember this? I vaguely, vaguely do, but the game and cartoon are remembered more readily… Thanks Nintendo Power!

I am reading a book about love

I’m Graduating tomorrow. Its kind of surreal. I’m really glad that my family is here though. Although my brothers couldn’t make it after all, my closest kin is with me.

[need Picture]

Oh yeah, I was talking about a book!

The Staff of the Cross-Cultural Center 2006-2007

I’m reading All About Love: new visions by bell hooks. I got it as a gift from the Cross (Yes I have found religion). Thanks Nancy, Edwina, Violeta and Cat. Thanks Fatima, Noah, Chris, Joseph, Brisa, Oraneet, Heidi & Miguel. I’ve learned to live life with these people and the space. Cya soon. =}

Ridiculous Image of Captain Hook and Clip Art Bells

Ah! About the book: First of all. After doing hella research for final essays and artistic precedents, I’ve come to the realization that everything has a subtitle now. (The “All About” part reminds me of old Japanese Street Fighter 2 references like this that were the coveted books of pre-internet SF players in the states). 2nd of all, Bell Hooks!? Even the people are subtitles! Aiya, this is ridiiiiculous. But I trust. The strongest message so far has been this:

When we understand love as the will to nurture our own and another’s spiritual growth, it becomes clear that we cannot claim to love if we are hurtful and abusive. Love and abuse cannot coexist. Abuse and neglect are, by definition, the opposites of nurturance and care.

Makes sense huh.

. o O (( So, I have a lot of free time now I suppose… ))

I can read, I can think. I can communicate with friends— and I can act on my random thoughts without guilt.
…I really don’t know why, but while thinking about the sippy cup terrorist, I suddenly wanted to laugh at crying babies. Yes, yes, I know. But I’m not as bad as some people… I’m sure all of you have that one friend. You know the one. The one who wishes cancer to babies. Yes. That one. (But yes… you were intoxicated!)
Anyway, I just wanted a quick laugh of babies in dire, but silly situations.

. o O (( Someone took a picture of his wife holding a little baby. ))

Mom and her Scary Baby
This is what I want to say to them:

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BoingBoing and the LOLCAT FEVER that has infected the net.

BoingBoing and the LOLCAT FEVER that has infected the net.


Is it just me or is there a lot of LOLCAT noise at boingboing recently. Yes, I did blog about it. No, I will not talk about LOLCAT club.

I cannot turn anywhere without seeing this madness.

But I will not give in.

Anyways, Ratatat – Wildcat

I listened to a lot of synth and guitar from this du-du-du-duo in March and April. Its actually a trio (Guitar, Bass, Synth/Drums (if you can really call a single snare and cymbal “drums”), but that’s beside the point. Me and Shannon instinctively growl and claw at the air everytime we hear the big cat in the distance… It’s really a silly sight to see. And you gotta love it when they break it down around 1:57. When we saw them in concert last month at Porter’s Pub, we were also joined by a few of the hipster kids who’ve been listening to the duo for “Seventeen Years”.
Get funky friends, get funky.

PS: No, my last post wasn’t a spam message. And no, I do not plan to use it. Its just interesting. Much like the iPhone and this Multi-touch computer from Jeff Han.

It hasn’t hit me yet… Summer’s right around the corner

Director Online Users Group Lingo Reference

aka the site that’s doing me a huge favor.

I’m super busy… got big things planned (aka due) on weds… damnit.
Miguel Torres, this one’s for you:
Listen this

(Wolfmother – Joker & The Thief)

This band reminds me of White Stripes, and uh… other cool bands mixed together. I’d take the time and really analyze them, but I’ve work to do… damnit.

Obligatory Post

So… I’ve left the site in the dust again.

I’ve been rather busy. I was gonna reboot, but fate had its way with me.

Anyway, nothing’s new. I just feel more ‘emo’ than ever. Which is another reason I haven’t been posting. I don’t wanna whine about my so-called “despair” (yeah… some people call it that), my privaleged life is just fine thank you very much.

No love from anyone, even my GF (powerbook). I hate lower ram slot failure (see sidebar). And my Dragons (500gb external HD) is coughing up its organs… how am I gonna back up over a 100 gigs of music. Let alone a 100 gigs of video. And then the 100 gigs of random other stuff. *SIGH*

I’ve been listening to the Akira soundtrack a lot recently… here you go. At one point I was listening to the chants non-stop the whole day.

Now though, its this song from Champloo. Just what I need.
I haven’t played my favorite Silent Hill song yet… I wrote it on my arm to remind me… but I don’t hafta play it quite yet.


I need to go bowling.

EDIT: I dunno why the 2nd Akira song (Kaneda) sounds all crazy in the mini-player… it works if you just click the link.  Makes for some interesting ambiance though.